Welcome to MCMart


Jul 14, 2018
United Kingdom
This thread is a copy of the welcome message that is sent to new users. You can refer to this thread if you have any suggestions for the message, didn't receive a copy (because you were a user prior to the update) or just for your convenience.

Hello and welcome to MCMart,

We've made a lot of changes to the site as part of our commitment to making MCMart the best forum it can be, and as such, we would like to explain the core features of MCMart and our tips for getting acquainted with the forum.

Getting Started
To get started with trading, we recommend that you first introduce yourself, this will give users who know you the opportunity to give you 'reactions' (hover over the thumbs up icon at the bottom right of this message) and boost your reputation on the forums as well as giving you the opportunity to connect with the community.

Next, you should browse the Marketplace, either for the products or services you want to buy or to get settled in with the selling format - then you can create your own thread and begin selling right away!

We also have dedicated sections for trading Accounts and for buying or selling Minecraft-specific Services.

Suggestions & Bug Reports
If you have any advice for the site, in terms of the way it's run or the features on the forums, please don't hesitate to let us know via the Suggestions & Bugs Forum, you should also report any bugs or errors that you encounter whilst using the site there.

Support & Assistance
If you have any issues with using the site or just need help with something, you can open a ticket in the Support Requests Forum or PM me for support.

Thanks for choosing MCMart and happy trading!
SamJakob and the MCMart team.