Selling Roblox Account (Robux, Korblox Mage, etc)

Mar 12, 2018
Michigan, US
I don't really play roblox and I spent some money on this game awhile back... I played Lumber Tycoon 2 for a little but then I quit. The IGN is Ryames if you want to look at it

(+) Created 3/25/18
(+) 1,245 Robux (worth about $10 I believe)
(+)Korblox Mage, Doge hat/head, Green Balloon in natural disasters, and Gravity coil in speed run.
(+) Lots of good loot in Lumber Tycoon 2 (Millions of money, Lots of special pickaxes and wood, big base with very large wood processing machine, cool LED's all around base)
(+) Used to have builders club.
$10 PayPal F&F or trading for fortnite account

I'm selling this for $10 because I dont really know how much its worth since i dont play anymore and Im kinda new to selling roblox accounts... Also i just want to get rid of it so i can buy other stuff.

If you want to know more about this or want to buy it PM me on Discord Ryames#1515 or on here (I might not respond as fast on here as discord)