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Offical Patch Log

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jdsgames, Feb 24, 2018.

After reading the patch log: How do you feel about the changes being made?

  1. These changes are exactly what the site needs.

  2. I enjoy most of the changes, however, some of them could be better.

  3. I am currently neutral on the updates.

  4. I dislike most of the changes, however, some of them are good updates.

  5. These changes are doing more harm than good.

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Jdsgames

    Jdsgames Manager & Scam Resolver Manager Scam Resolver Emerald Diamond

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    As the site continues to grow we need to implement a better way of storing update information. I have come up with this final 'Site Update' thread containing a neat patch log type system for any updates we do to the site. This will not include any type of staff changes or any events we post as they are not specifically an update to the site, however, they will still get their own dedicated post.

    Each day that an update has been done will have an associated date spoiler attached listing each update and a bit of information behind it. This will allow you to track the progression of the staff team in its constant task to keep the forum clean and refreshing for all users.

    If you have any questions regarding a recent update please contact a member of higher staff rank they might be able to inform you why the changes were made.

    MCMart Patch Log
    Date Started: 2/24/2018
    Update 1: Banned User's Thread Purge
    - All threads created by banned users have been hidden in a moderator-only archive.
    Reason: Prevents scamming from already banned users.
    Known-Problem: Manual moving of threads could have caused a few threads remaining.
    Known-Fix: Report any banned user's threads and we will process them promptly.

    Update 2: Banned User's Resource Purge
    - All resources created by banned users have been deleted from public view.
    Reason: Banned users should not be able to gain a reputation for their work after they have been banned here.
    Known-Problem: Manual delete of resources could have caused a few resources remaining.
    Known-Fix: Report any banned user's resources and we will process them promptly.

    Update 3: New Resource Category
    - We have created a 'Deleted Resources' section to store all deleted resources.
    Reason: Easier to go through and process normal resources and better for moderation organization.

    Update 4: New Thread Category
    - We have created a 'Deleted Threads' section to store all deleted threads.
    Reason: Easier to go through and find deleted threads users want to reinstate and better for moderation organization.

    Update 5: Deleted Thread Relocation
    - In addition to 'Update 4', we have moved all deleted threads into the Deleted Threads moderation archive.
    Reason: Better moderation organization and proper implementation of Update 4.
    Update 1: Released Community Event
    - Easter and other holidays themed contest for resource makers.
    Reason: To provide a cool experience for our users.

    Update 2: About Us Changes
    - Changed our About Us section to be more Minecraft fitting.
    Reason: Minecraft themed forums

    Update 3: Light Theme Bug Fixes
    - Although, this is not fixing every bug the light theme was worked on.
    Reason: Polishing the site the best we can.

    Update 4: New Resource Category
    - We have created a 'Contest Submissions' section to hold all contest submissions.
    Reason: So we can provide more community resource contests in the future. As well as provide a moderated section for the current contest going on.

    Update 5: Disabled Rewards Shop
    - We have disabled the Rewards Shop due to issues.
    Reason: Continuously spamming errors needs to be fixed.

    Update 6: Shop Price Changes
    - We have changed prices to be more fitting to our site.
    Reason: To better serve our community.

    Update 7: New Trophy Created
    - We have created a participation trophy for our Resource Contest
    Reason: To recognize everyone that put an effort into the contest.
    Update 1: New Trophy Created
    - We have created a trophy for anyone who has been registered for over a year!
    Reason: To recognize the length of time the user's account has been open.

    Update 2: New Trophy Created
    - We have created a trophy for anyone that was within the first three hundred accounts created.
    Reason: To recognize any members that were here from the start.
    Known Issues: Not fully implemented yet.

    Update 3: Rewards Currency Renaming
    - Changed "Reward Points" to "Diamond Shards"
    Reason: Fits the theme of the site a lot nicer.

    Update 4: Add Buyer Resource Addition
    - We allowed resource owners to add buyers to their own resources.
    Reason: Their resource their choice.

    Update 5: Added Gfycat Support!
    - Added site support for Gfycat.
    Reason: Many animated threads were run by this.

    Update 6: Added s9e Media BBCodes Pack
    - Added and implemented the media pack into our current set of BBCodes.
    Reason: To increase BBCodes functionality on the site.

    Update 7: Ad Manager Packages Fixed
    - Users can now buy all packages in the Ad Manager.
    Reason: Previously Ad Manager packages were broken.

    Update 8: Random Stickied Threads Removed
    - We removed randomly stickied threads.
    Reason: Cleaning up the site.
    Update 1: Guest Join Notice
    - We added a notice that only guests will be able to see.
    Reason: To encourage more guests to join the site.

    Update 2: Shrunk Diamond-Gradient Glow
    - We decreased the glow from the gradient from 10px to 4px.
    Reason: 10px caused an ugly overlay on many dark themes.
    Update 1: Shrunk Emerald Gradient Glow
    - We decreased the glow from the gradient from 10px to 4px.
    Reason: 10px caused an ugly overlay on many dark themes.

    Update 2: Ad Manager Sticky Thread Price Adjustment
    - We adjusted our sticky thread price to $1.00/week.
    Reason: To make it cheaper for all users to purchase this form of advertising.

    Update 3: Renamed User Groups
    - We created a professional layout for all user groups.
    Reason: Easier to read and looks more professional following a naming convention.

    Update 4: Started Implementation of the Powerful Theme
    - We started working on creating a nice theme for the site.
    Reason: To stand out and to appear more professional to our guests and users.

    Update 5: Rebranded! New Logo
    - We have changed our logo.
    Reason: To create a more appealing site that looks professional.
    Update 1: Removed Sponsors Title for Advertisements
    - We removed the title from Advertisements as it cluttered the site.
    Reason: Remove site clutter.

    Update 2: Removed Giveaway Page
    - We completely removed the giveaway page from the site.
    Reason: Remove site cluttered, it was unused.

    Update 3: Temporarily Disabled Twitter Integration Widget
    - We stopped showing the feed from the old twitter account.
    Reason: Site clutter, not currently in use.

    Update 4: Removed User Upgrade Coupons
    - We completely removed this addon as it was easily exploitable.
    Reason: Caused issues with processing user upgrades.

    Update 5: Launched the Easter Name Color
    - Added our lasted animated gradient to the upgrades section.
    Reason: Easter is fast approaching.... let's celebrate!

    Update 6: Enabled Full-Page Chat
    - We enabled the chat page as it was previously disabled.
    Reason: Feature was disabled for no specific reason.

    Update 7: Added Prefixes to Support Requests
    - Added tags for all staff members that are a moderator and above.
    Reason: Site organization.

    Update 8: Added Upgrade Categories
    - We added the Rank Upgrades and Name Colors categories.
    Reason: Site organization.

    Update 9: Added Poll to the Patch Log
    - We added a poll with a few responses.
    Reason: To get a feel for our performance as a team.
    Update 1: Light Theme Bug Fixes
    - We removed some of the bugs regarding the light theme.
    Reason: Clean up the site (bug removal)

    Update 2: Diamond Shards Shop (Reintroduced)
    - We reimplemented diamond shards shop as a WIP.
    Reason: Extra feature to reward our users for activity.

    Update 3: Added Descriptions in Discord
    - We added descriptions to most discord channels.
    Reason: Improved organization.

    Update 4: User Title Ladder Customizations
    - Added more layers to the basic user title ladder.
    Reason: Site customization.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2018
  2. utaninja

    utaninja Moderator Moderator Emerald Diamond

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    Nice work, keep the updates coming! :)
  3. Serae

    Serae New Member

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