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MCMart - Revitalizing Easter Event

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jdsgames, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Jdsgames

    Jdsgames Manager & Scam Resolver Manager Scam Resolver Emerald Diamond

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    I'm excited to announce a new event!
    An event that we have not held in a long time a Contest!

    As you are probably aware previously, we had a Logo contest, which brought creative users out of their dwellings. This is another event to express your talent and creativity...
    A Resource Contest!

    Now, you are all probably wondering what the theme of this resource contest is will be. We are pleased to inform you that we will be having an Easter themed contest. However, as Easter may be limiting for you we are also allowing submissions regarding other major holidays. This is to allow you to dabble in a larger idea pool and to give our first contest some creative freedom due to time constraints.

    As you will see there is a new category for the Resource's section labeled Contest Submissions. This is where any resources you want to have judged for the contest will be placed. Now, there are a few rules everyone must follow for this contest to be fair and a positive experience.

    For display purposes, Kram and I will be using the Easter name color to display it. The Easter name color will be added to the shop starting 3/20/2018 at the latest and ending 4/9/2018 for the price of $7.50.

    Contest Timeframe:
    - Starting Date: 3/6/2018
    - Ending Date: 4/1/2018

    Contest Rules:
    - The main author of the project must be the account the resource is submitted to.
    - The judges of the contest cannot work on any contest submission.
    - Teams are to split up rewards on their own terms.
    - The submission must be freshly made: As in no re-uploading something you already made.
    - The submission must be recorded throughout development, preferably a video.
    - The submission must designate any users that have worked on the project.
    - The submission needs to be properly described in its description.
    - The submission must follow whatever parameters we have set.
    - Spam or 'joke' submissions will result in permanent disqualification from ANY contests.

    Contest Judging:
    - We will be selecting a total of five members to help us for preliminary judging. If you would like to be a judge, please open a conversation with both Kram and myself in it requesting why you want to be a judge in the contest. After our first round of judging the finalists will be subjected to a community vote.

    Contest Judging Criteria:
    • Creativeness:
      • Although subjective, the more effort into creating an astonishing submission will reward more 'points' in this category.
    • Theme Correlation:
      • Having a submission related to Easter specifically will grant the most 'points' in this category. However, as long as your submission is holiday related you should not lose too many 'points' for this category.
    • Quality:
      • Having a higher quality submission will significantly boost your chances of getting a higher 'point' score in this category.
    Contest Rewards:
    • First Place:
      • Submission featured for an entire month.
      • Shop thread pinned for an entire month.
      • Sidebar banner advertising slot for two weeks.
      • Easter themed name color.
    • Second Place:
      • Submission featured for an entire month.
      • Shop thread pinned for two weeks.
      • Easter themed name color.
    • Third Place:
      • Submission featured for an entire month.
      • Shop thread pinned for one week.
      • Easter themed name color.
    • Participation:
      • Trophy added to your account praising for your efforts in the contest.
    Asylum Setups Charity Event:
    As we are fond of helping out any charities we are temporarily partnering with Asylum Setups to provide some assistance. They are currently giving 15% of all commissioned sales to a charity being voted on in their discord: https://discord.gg/YkmxsfN
    So please feel free to check them out!

    Time to get Creative!
    ~MCMart Staff Team
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
  2. BOOP

    BOOP Chat Moderator Chat Moderator Emerald Diamond

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    Good to see something is happening.. :p
    Also I like that you're helping promote charity events.

    Good luck to everybody that enters the contest.
    And happy early Easter!
  3. BricesDesigns

    BricesDesigns Graphic Designer Emerald Diamond

    Trophy Points:
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    Aye good luck to everyone!
  4. Sasuke

    Sasuke Active Seller/Buyer Emerald Diamond

    Minecraft accounts: Klypse
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  5. Hannes

    Hannes Motion and graphics designer. Emerald Diamond

    Trophy Points:
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    Aye I need that colour to add to my collection.
  6. utaninja

    utaninja Moderator - SkyVoid Manager Moderator Emerald Diamond

    Minecraft accounts: utaninja
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  7. Banned

    Banned Member Diamond

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    Looks like a good contest. Also, thanks for posting our charity event :D
  8. Kram

    Kram Admin & Server Owner Administrator Emerald Diamond

    Minecraft accounts: KramCraft_
    Trophy Points:
    Diamond Shards:
    The Easter Name Color is now available for everyone to purchase :)
    Sorry for any delay.

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