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Jun 19, 2017
I am MineWoodTurtle. Also, known as Banned. I am currently 17 years of age. I have been playing Minecraft for 3 years now. With this 3 years, I have learnt a few things. I have learnt how to make basic Minecraft plugins, another thing I have about is how to configure files.

Why should you choose me?
You should choose me because I have experience in most fields of work. I am a hard working person that doesn't stop till the job is done. I make sure all my work is of a high standard. I always listen to suggestions about the work I do or the thing I am doing. I try to be unique with everything that I do.

What are you looking to do?
I am looking to do the following.
- Sales Rep (10%+)
- Staff Manager a
- Support Agent
- Community Manager
- If there is anything else please private message.

Skills I have:
Dedicated to the work I do.
A mature person.
Funny person but knows when to shut up.

This server is a 2k player base server. I was a helper on here twice. I resigned the first time and demoted the second time. Prime gave me a lot of experience within Minecraft. It also led me to new friends. The experience I learnt from this is things like when to warn people how to spot a ghost hacker. It also learnt me to always concentrate on the chat just in case you miss something. The last thing Prime really taught me is that I should never give up on anything.

The time I was a helper on luckysb was when a youtuber Target3dGaming played on the server so the server had around 150-200 players online. Luckysb didn't teach me anything apart from what I knew from prime and another server I have been staff on.

Utopia Services:
At Utopia services, I advertised their discord server, helped with suggestions, did applications, type up sales representative booklet and staff booklet.

On FrontierNetwork I was a Moderator but as the server is restarting I can't staff on it. Frontier taught me a lot about screen sharing people, for example, finding some of the default hacks to find. Being a moderator on here taught me more about working with the admins and what they do than actually being staff.

I was the owner of this server, the server had a player base of around 5-10. This taught me a lot about owning a server and what it is like.

I was the CEO/Owner of this company. Flare learnt me a little bit of how a host works and how the backend works on a server. With this responsibility, I had to make sure all my staff were doing the correct job. Also, I had to make sure the dedicated server and web server were running fine. Another thing, was getting advertisement which I wasn't really the best at but I tried and didn't get far but I've learnt from that now. Flare-Hosting was soon sold to another user.

When Minecript was a thing, I was a sales representative here. Earning 5% per commission (was high then) I got a few clients but then the way the staff where I just had to leave because it felt more like abuse with staff than anything.

Here at Optnode, I was a support agent. I answered the tickets which I could get to as tickets were hard to get as a lot of people were also trying to get to them. I later resigned to focus on Asylum.

Asylum Setups:
I was the General Manager here. My role here was to manage the staff and talk to the people that wanted a setup making and then posting it and finding someone to take the commission. I have also been the owner of Asylum setups. This was an adventure making the server go from 40 members to 150 in just a couple of weeks. This also boosts the commissions up for the team but I soon let it go to one of the managers as I wanted to move on.
All links are clickable as it can be annoying for phone users to copy and paste.

PrimeMc ban page:

LuckySb: Sorry, I have lost the proof of me being staff on here.

Flare-Hosting: Look at my rep!
Asylum Setups:


Timezone: GMT

I only charge a small fee. Price will be discussed in the work you would like me to do.

Discord: @Banned#7649
Or open a private message with me.

If you would like to know anymore please feel free to ask.

Kind regards
~ Banned


MCMart Administrator
May 12, 2018
Could you provide an approximate rate for your staff management services?