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Nov 24, 2017
"I love everything about Aysteria the community the staff the plugins, first of all, I paid them X amount and it wasn't much and they came onto my server and set everything up my plugins in my configs hell they even helped me find a good server spawn and protected it at the cost of a good laugh, they are all amazing people and have good personalities they are extremely funny and are willing to help with anything on your server, thier very professional and are extremely smart when it comes to setting up plugins configing them setting up anything, for example, I had them custom make me a plugin I paid them X amount and it works perfectly no bugs glitches lag anything my server runs amazing and I can contact them whenever I want to any tech help I need just because I'm a customer, If you don't think thats awesome and this company is great yet get in a discord chat with the guys and have a conversation, at first I thought it was a little sketchy but once we got to talking thier awesome people, all I can really say to anyone reading this is simply Give them a chance cause your not gonna regret it. 10/10"

"Excellent service! The community and staff have been great, and while they created my plugin, I received daily updates, feedback, and great service. The price is given to me (which was usually over $50 from other companies), was very low compared to others. I would, and will reuse this service in the future! 10/10"

"If I made another server I would totally find @Trent™ again. He gave me such a low price for a high quality and hard plugin. He faced many problems but never did he once give up. He is the nicest dev I have met too and his prices are very low. I got 60-150 quotes for the plugins but he gave me $20. $20 DOLLARS. Moreover, he offered to help me with some extra stuff and he is friendly. Thanks, @Trent™ Would use again ! (Btw he spent a lot of time fixing a bug in this plugin at the end and I really appreciate it!)"

"Aysteria has been a great help with my server! Good quality work for a really low price! Would buy again!"

"@Trent™ Helped me with redirecting my portal page to my forums. Big thanks to Aysteria Devs help."

"Great service! Was fairly quick with everything we needed to be done. For a great price. Will 100% be using again."
*These reviews are from our Discord server*

We are currently a development company that primarily focuses on Minecraft plugins but are open to any ideas from others. We aim to be the best of the best, no matter what we're doing. We offer a wide variety of products, such as custom plugins, websites, forums, and server setups. We have multiple specialists within our team such as our System Admin, or Sales Representative. We have people that are amazing at helping others achieve their goal. We offer projects at cheap prices! We are striving to add more variety and aim to become a development company that can do much more things other than just Minecraft and web development. We plan to expand to other things such as games and tech development.

SERVICES: We currently offer the following services:

The setups are completely reliant on whether or not you want custom plugins, etc.

**Free Setup Services**

---Plugin Development---
$0-$5 | Micro Plugin (0-2 hours)
$5-$25 | Small Plugin (1-3 hours)
$25-$50 | Medium Plugin (5-10 hours)
$50-$100+ | Large Plugin (10+ hours)

Current plugins for sale:
- Global Server Chat Prefix/Format (cross-communication for bungeecord)
- Factions Coordinate Sender (command to tell the whole faction your current coordinates)
- Factions Block War (claim, break specified block for faction top currency)

*Want more information on these plugins?*
*Send us a PM, or join our discord*

---Server Configuration Setups---

$10 | Prison Configuration setup.
$10 | Factions Configuration setup.
$10 | Skyblock Configuration setup.
$10 | Creative plots Configuration setup.
$5 | Hub Configuration setup.

---Mini-game Setups---
$20 | Skywars setup.
$20 | Murder Mystery.

$15 | Hunger Games setup.
$10 | Bedwars/Cakewars setup.
$10 | Spleef setup.
$10 | One in the Chamber setup.

---Sys Administration---

We have our Admin setup your dedi, or VPS with bungee-cord, and make sure everything is linked and works successfully. Or help you set up any kind of game server. Be it TeamSpeak, etc. Anywhere around $5-$25+

---Website Development---

$5-$10 | Small website (EX: landing or portal page)
Forums Installation ($10 Xenforo : $2.50 myBB) this includes minimal configuration (includes forums software)
$1-$5 | Forums addon/theme installation
If your desired service is not listed here, don’t hesitate to contact Management or Sales Representative.

T.O.S (terms of service)
- Payment Gateway: We only use Paypal. If you seriously cannot use this, we can find a way around that, don't worry.
- Project Payment: For larger projects, we like to get around 25% to 50% upfront from you, then the rest once you've received your product. For smaller projects, this usually doesn't have to occur.
- Refusal: We're completely not obligated to work with you.
- Sharing Services: Once we create a plugin, website for you. You're not allowed to give the plugin or re-sell the plugin to anyone else unless we give the okay. We reserve all rights.
NOTE: The TOS can change at any time.

HOW TO PURCHASE A PRODUCT: Simply contact a Sales Representative or Management, this is through our discord, obviously. If none are available at that time, we recommend you post your request on the #request channel. Only Employees will be able to read your request and from there we will private message you and discuss the project.

Join our Discord for further information/ordering:

Thanks ~ Management


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