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Jul 2, 2018
If you're interested in purchasing this resource, it's on the MCMart resources tab!

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I'd appreciate any feedback/suggestions anyone has! :heart:


Stay one step ahead of the people who think they're one step ahead of you!

Note »
Auto-Update feature requires MVdWUpdater.
(Auto-Update is an optional feature)

Have any people that are abusing your server with alternate accounts? This is the easiest and cheapest resolution to be able to get a hold of your server again! You will ALWAYS be at least one step ahead of the people who think they are ahead of you! With the sleekest way of letting you control what goes on, even before it happens. AltsManager is a great way to know who is trying to do what and maybe just catch a few VPN users who think they're the smart ones.

How could this be useful? »

There's always the issue of using alternate accounts to spawn in

more items from kits. This resource will resolve that issue with ease!

Actually quite easy. If you own any type of Prison server, you should know that item duping with kits or simply a term known as "Prestige boosting." Which is done by paying another player money after they Prestige. (Your balance is reset after you Prestige) Then they pay them right back to rankup until they can Prestige again. A very large issue which can be fixed with this resource very easily.

And when it comes to other game modes there's typically
abusing that is done with alternate accounts that you
can't think of or hasn't even been discovered yet!
This resource will cover any issues
you may have now or in the future.

What happens when someone joins that has logged in with an alt? »

Note » This message is fully configurable.
(You will INSTANTLY know before they can even do any abusing)

/alts »

Note » This message is fully configurable.

(Type "/alts search (player) true" to hide all accounts that are currently banned for that player)
(But, if you don't type a boolean (true/false) here it'll show all accounts and the banned ones will display red and the green ones are of course the un-banned accounts)

/alts search (player) »

Note » This message is fully configurable.

(Note » You can just toggle "Kick-Player-On-Max-Accounts-Reached:" to false)

Well unfortunately, since this is an IP checker with advanced VPN check methods, it'll legit only let the set amount of players on one IP log in at once. Meaning one thing, if someone that has siblings or any friends over tries to get there siblings or friends that are over online... well, only the number you have set are able to join. This is why I recommend setting "Max-Accounts:" to 2 at all times. (Just make sure to watch them :D)

Well, to be honest it is very situational. Not all servers need this and I know that. But for the servers that could use something like this, it is a big, big help.

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Jul 24, 2018
Seems pretty interesting and would be useful to many servers!
Not too much of use to me, good luck though!