Requesting Advertising for survival server

Jun 1, 2017
Dear Reader,

Hello there! My name is BetaStevie and I own AncientMC, an upcoming Minecraft server based around the Medieval times. We’re about to release it to the public after months of development, and today I would like to see if there are any YouTubers who are willing to make some sort of trailer or video for the server so that we can promote it and expand our community. There is an opportunity to get paid here, so listen up closely.

I am looking for YouTuber(s) who preferably have 800-15k subscribers and have an average view count of around 1,500 to devote some of their time in making a trailer for AncientMC. Now, if you do decide to create our video and it gets 600-1000 views, then you WILL get paid. We’ll have to discuss that later, though. We are also looking for someone to advertise my server. This is pretty much free game, as long as the ad is 1) legal and 2) follows the Terms of Service.
( any platform ex discord)

Please no service teams
If this sounds good to you and are willing to help us out, please contact me on Discord at BetaStevie#6166. Feel free to direct any questions/comments/concerns towards me.
P.S/Disclaimer: I am new at this so please be courteous to myself and others

Also you can join the discord here :

Thank You!