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Nov 26, 2017
Greetings fellow MCMart members! My name is Whitlox, and I am truly glad to meet every single one of you! Anyhow, as you can already tell by reading the title of this post, I am here today with the purpose to get in contact with a few potential server partners or even investors. Now, I truly have no intention to keep this introduction part too long, so without any further ado, let's get right into it by answering a few commonly asked questions!
What kind of a server are you even hoping to create?
I am really very sorry, but I have no interest in getting more into detail at this question, the main reason of it being my server idea, which is in many ways quite unique and overall well-planned already, and could even make this server stand out from the others in more than just one way. Even though I really do not want to reveal too much information regarding the server here, leaving you all out here with your wonders and thoughts is not what I am aiming to accomplish, so I will provide you with the title our main server theme, which is "pirates". Having that said, I will have a talk with all the potential recruits after they contact me, and whether you will make me think that you are eligible to find out more about the server in general, then I will of course be willing to elaborate further on this matter!
Do you expect me to put my time and money into the project too?
The short answer to that is yes, you will be required to invest your own savings into it too, yet the other part of the question is rather negotiable, and depends on whether you are looking to become an actual partner or simply an investor. To move a tad forward, I would like to warn every interested applicant about the fact that the servers potential success rate comes with a price, and that price is in no case small. In other words I could say how I am only looking for people who have a decent amount of money, and are willing to spend it on the server. In any case, as it was previously mentioned, the kickstarting success rate of the server is pretty high in my personal opinion, and it could be achieved by putting in a lot of hard work, time, dedication, and with getting a proper financial source. I can provide all that, excluding the financial source, but if we succeed in getting that, then we will also stand in front of a big chance of actually starting to earn money off of the server too, so that way it would all pay off in the ending, even financially-wise.
What are the requirements for applying for that position?
As I mentioned before, I am looking for someone who can mainly help out the server financially, but any sort of other benefical input would be more than greatly appreciated!
Do you have anything ready for the server yet?
Yes, but only planning-wise. I have a few Google Drive files filled with genuinely a ton of different plans which cover roughly pretty much all server aspects already prepared, so all that needs to be done is to start hiring the freelancers.
Why should I consider applying?
There are many possible answers, yet I have decided to hang on with the good old list which includes experience in working on a successful server, a chance to meet many new individuals within this community, and great potential to earn money through investing some of your own!
How can I step in further contact with you?
You can either hit me up on here by sending me a private message, or by adding me on Discord: Whitlox#3634


That is about it for now. I would like to sincerely thank those who came all the way to this point of my post, and I wish you all a nice rest of the day!​
Aug 19, 2018
hi if you would like me to help out on the server not as a Owner but as a config developer pm me HairHen_CR#6271