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Mar 11, 2018


By ordering any services from me, You agree to the following:

1) You must pay 50% before I start working and the other 50% after I finish.
2) Refunds & Chargebacks aren't allowed.
3) You may request a Refund after work has been started, but it is up to me to decide whether I would like to refund you or not.
4) I have the right to decline any service from any client without stating the reason.
5) Payments will be sent through PayPal through Friends & Family.
6) I have the right to include any work created by me for my portfolio.
7) I am able to change the Terms of Service at any time without informing clients.
8) You can't claim my work as your own.
9) Removing any credits to me, without permission will result in a scam report created.
10) You may not sell my work or gift it to anyone.
11) I may refuse to work with you if you have alot of negative reputations.
12) I may refuse to work with you if I feel like I'm being treated unjustly.
13) You automatically agree to my Terms of Service once payment is received.
14) Any violation of the Terms of Service will result in a Scam report created.
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BOXBOY: "He is amazing and just the little time i have known him he is a amazing person selfless all the way he will not get frustrated and he will help you out until you get finished with whatever you're doing, he is just a 10/10 guy!"

Joël: "Modyyy knows what he is doing, he does everything at once without problems, fast support and he's friendly!"

Jackkk: "Vouch, kindly done me a XenForo design."

Team Gapz: "Vouch, nice guy has a nice personality, made my website for me.

ItzBaby: "Vouch! User designed me a great website"

Krossbow: "Vouch, great designer."


Jun 6, 2017
Your prices and your thread design look quite nice.
Good luck :)