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May 12, 2018
Blocksville Staff Recruitment
We are currently recruiting for all non-managerial positions.
Good morning!

Thanks for taking some time to read through our thread about our upcoming project! We really hope it ends up being worthwhile for you. Blocksville intends to expand into a multi-gamemode network. We will be releasing gamemode-by-gamemode to ensure we there is not too much work on the administrative team.

We strongly recommend that applicants make efforts to communicate with the group we currently have in our Discord and on our forums. Despite little advertising having been done to this point, there are still people in the Discord and your actions at the moment portray you far better than a written application.

Blocksville aims to keep its application process as simple as it needs to be to identify candidates who can cope with the Minecraft community well. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the application pathway for the role you intend to apply for below. The administrator rank is not a moderating rank and it for users who are experienced in configuration and/or development.

Recruitment Process, by rank.
Please note that to be considered for any position, at the very least you must be a member of our forums and Discord - if not active within them.

If you are interested in an administrative position you should private message Bumblewasp#5819.

Helper applications are accessible on our forum -

ADVERTISER - Potential for salary.
If you are interested in an advertising position you should private message Bumblewasp#5819 - a potential for pay (most likely performance based).


Many thanks, and best of luck with any applications.
Blocksville Management

NB: Our site and artworks are currently being created to a better standard.