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Plugin Info
UltraFreeze is an advanced freeze plugin that when the proper command is preformed, The targeted rule breaker will be frozen and will receive a message telling them not to move and telling then to join your voice sever of choice. The Rule breaker will also not be able to open his/her inventory or use chat (unless chatting with a staff member with the correct permissions). Unlike the free version (freeze) Ultra Freeze is 90% configurable and 100% bug free. If you would like to see some examples of the plugin in action please click on the examples spoiler.

- Main command for the plugin.

- Default freeze notification towards the player. Can be configured.

- Default inventory lock messages. Can be configured.

- Default server freeze. Can be configured.

- Message sent to staff (or players) who have the server freeze bypass permission.

(comming soon)
- Frozen chat messages sent to staff with the correct permission.

Features include:
  • Freeze/SS Command (player freeze)
  • FreezeAll/SSAll Command (server freeze)
  • Configurable freezing messages
  • Automatic ban (or command run) on logout while frozen
  • Ability to prevent the following things while frozen (and configure their messages also):
    • Movement
    • Head-Movement (Headlock)
    • Block Break
    • Block Place
    • Item Drop
    • Chat Messages
    • Commands
    • Enderpearling
    • Block Damage
    • Entity Damage
  • Inventory Lock (prevents frozen user from self-destructing or removing hacked clients)
    • Ability to unlock users while frozen so they can speak or use commands
  • NEW! Frozen-Chat (only staff can see when frozen players type)
  • NEW! Prevent other players from placing blocks in a radius of frozen players

Commands for the plugin:

/ultrafreeze - Main plugin command. List of commands and descriptions for the plugin.
/uf (alias)
/freeze [player] - Freezes an online player. Command is togglable. The first time you freeze someone they are automatically frozen with the GUI. The second time the command is run, ONLY the GUI is removed, not the freeze. The third time the player is unfrozen.
/ss (alias)
Permission: ultrafreeze.freeze
/freezeall [confirm: type yes] - Puts the server on freeze, all players (without bypass permissions) will be frozen.
/ssall [confirm: type yes] (alias)
Permission: ultrafreeze.freezeall
/ufreload - Reloads the configuration file from in game.
Permission: ultrafreeze.reloadMiscellaneous permissions:
  • ultrafreeze.freezeall.bypass - Allows bypass for the server freeze. Players with this permission will be able to move, chat, and bypass all other blocks while the server is frozen.
  • ultrafreeze.notify - When a staff member freezes a player, users with this permission will be able to see a notification in chat the a staff member has frozen a player.
  • ultrafreeze.notify.logout - If a currently frozen player logs out while frozen, all users with this permission will be notified in chat
  • ultrafreeze.notify.messages - Ability to see chat messages from frozen players (while the anti-chat feature is enabled) - See screenshots
  • ultrafreeze.blocks.bypass - Ability to place blocks around frozen players (when it is disabled for default players in the configuration)
Configuration File
#UltraFreeze - Developed by Geek1243
  permission: '&cYou do not have permission!'
  not_allowed: '&cYou may not do this while frozen!'
    error: '&cIncorrect Usage: /freeze [username]'
    offline: '&cThe player specified is offline or invalid'
    self: '&cYou cannot freeze yourself'
    success_frozen: '&cYou have frozen <player>'
    success_unfrozen: '&cYou have unfrozen <player>'
    success_unlock: '&cInventory lock removed'
    notify_freeze: '&7&o[<staff> has frozen <player>]'
    notify_unfreeze: '&7&o[<staff> has unfrozen <player>]'
    unfrozen_player: '&aYou have been unfrozen. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!'
    logged: '&4&l<player> has logged out while frozen'
    place_blocks_near_frozen: '&cYou cannot place / break blocks near frozen players!'
    - ' '
    - '█████████'
    - '████&c█&f████   &4&lATTENTION'
    - '███&c█&0█&c█&f███'
    - '██&c█&6█&0█&6█&c█&f██'
    - '██&c█&6█&0█&6█&c█&f██   &cYou have been frozen. DO NOT LOGOUT!'
    - '██&c█&6█&0█&6█&c█&f██   &cIf you logout you will be &4&lBANNED&c.'
    - '█&c█&6█████&c█&f█   &cJoin our (insert voice server here) (&7my.voice.com&c)'
    - '&c█&6███&0█&6███&c█'
    - '&c█████████'
    - '█████████'
    - ' '
    error: '&cIncorrect Usage: /freezeall [confirm: type yes]'
    success_frozen: '&cYou have successfully froze the server!'
    success_unfrozen: '&cYou have successfully unfroze the server!'
    unfrozen_player: '&aThe server has been unfrozen!'
    - ' '
    - '&c█████████'
    - '&c████&4█&c████   &4&lATTENTION'
    - '&c███&4█&0█&4█&c███'
    - '&c██&4█&6█&0█&6█&4█&c██'
    - '&c██&4█&6█&0█&6█&4█&c██   &cThe server has been frozen.'
    - '&c██&4█&6█&0█&6█&4█&c██   &cWait until further instruction!'
    - '&c█&4█&6█████&4█&c█'
    - '&4█&6███&0█&6███&4█'
    - '&4█████████'
    - '&c█████████'
    - ' '

    stop_movement: true
    head_lock: false
    block_break: true
    block_place: true
    item_drop: true
    chat: true
    chat_notify_staff: true
    chat_notify_format: '&c(FROZEN) &7<player>: &f<message>'
    commands: true
    entity_damage: true
    block_damage: true
    logout_command: 'say Cmd can be changed in config <player>' # leave empty for no command, do NOT use a slash in the beginning
    enderpearling: true
    place_blocks_near_frozen: true
    place_blocks_near_frozen_radius: 4.0
    inventory_lock: true
    inventory_name: '&cYou have been frozen!'
    inventory_item_id: 160
    inventory_item_name: '&c&lYou have been frozen!'
    - '&7Join our (insert voice server here) my.server.com'
    - '&7If you do not join in 5 min, you will be banned'
    inventory_item_damage: 14
    stop_movement: true
    head_lock: false
    block_break: true
    block_place: true
    item_drop: true
    chat: true
    commands: true
    entity_damage: true
    block_damage: true
    enderpearling: true
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