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Extra vehicles with plugin VEHICLES

Adds Extra vehicles with the plugin VEHICLES®!

  1. GameFreakBaree
    I uploaded my resource here because spigotMC taked my resource down! The updates of the 750+ downloaded addon are back! Updates every week! The Lay-Out will be changed soon!

    Vehicles info
    My addon adds 120 more vehicles with the plugin: VEHICLES. Download the plugin here. The file has over 2500+ lines of text! Please donate at: https://www.paypal.me/gamefreakbaree

    DISCORD: https://discord.gg/UkU7Ne5

    Download Count:
    V 5 Downloads
    V 10 Downloads
    V 50 Downloads
    V 100 Downloads
    V 500 Downloads
    V 750 Downloads

    X 1.000 Downloads
    X 10.000 Downloads

    X 1 Download

    X 5 Downloads
    X 10 Downloads

    X 50 Downloads
    X 100 Downloads
    X 500 Downloads
    X 1.000 Downloads

    Extra info
    The config.yml is tested with spigot 1.9.4. The config.yml supports only Vehicles 9.3.2.

    Extra vehicles overview

      • BLACK
      • YELLOW
      • MAGENTA
      • RED
      • BLUE
      • GREY
      • ORANGE
      • WHITE
      • LIGHT_GREY
      • GREEN
      • LIME
      • PINK
      • PURPLE
      • BROWN
      • CYAN
      • GOLD
      • DIAMOND
      • LIGHT_BLUE
      • IRON
      • ARMY
      • POLICE
      • STONED

      • BLACK
      • ORANGE
      • RED
      • BLUE
      • WHITE

      • T1
      • T2
      • T3
      • T4
      • T5
      • T6
      • T7

      • B1
      • B2
      • B3
      • B4
      • B5
      • B6
      • B7
      • B8
      • B9
      • B10
      • B11
      • B12
      • B13

      • S1
      • S2
      • S3
      • S4
      • S5
      • S6

      • OLD
      • NETHER
      • PIRATE

      • T1
      • T2
      • T3
      • T4
      • T5
      • T6
      • T7
      • T8
      • T9
      • T10

      • PC1
      • PC2
      • PC3
      • PC4
      • PC5

      • P1
      • P2
      • P3
      • P4
      • P5
      • P6
      • P7
      • P8
      • P9
      • P10
      • P11
      • P12
      • P13

      • H1
      • H2
      • H3
      • H4
      • H5
      • H6
      • H7
      • H8
      • H9
      • H10

      • HB1
      • HB2
      • HB3
      • HB4
      • HB5
      • HB6
      • HB7
      • HB8
      • HB9
      • HB10

    For installation you must replace the config.yml!

    Coming soon!

    Coming soon!

    Tutorial: How to make cars
    Coming Soon
    Tutorial: How to make bikes
    Coming Soon
    Tutorial: How to make hoverbikes
    Coming Soon
    Tutorial: How to make submarines
    Coming Soon
    Tutorial: How to make brooms
    Coming Soon
    Tutorial: How to make helicopters
    Coming Soon
    Tutorial: How to make tanks
    Coming Soon
    Tutorial: How to make rafts
    Coming Soon
    Tutorial: How to make parachutes
    Coming Soon
    Tutorial: How to make trains
    Coming Soon
    Tutorial: How to make planes
    Coming Soon

    Coming soon!

    Don't use the review section to report bugs or errors! Use the discussion section!

    You may not distribute this resource or any part of it, this can end up in revoking the access to your resource.
    Refunds are not allowed.
    If an error occurs while buying the resource (You paid and didn't get the plugin) please contact me instead of opening a PayPal dispute.
    I won't read suggestions or bugs posted in ratings, instead you must post them on the forum.
    I will not help accounts that don't appear in the buyers of the resource.
    You are buying the current state of the resource which means you don't buy my services.
    You can ask for bug fixes or features but I'll be who decides if a feature will be added or not. I won't add very specific features for your server, there is an API for something.