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Duck's Guns 1.0

Guns, Cheap, Fun, Crafting Recipes, Constant Updates.

  1. GamerDuck123
    **WARNING** As of right now the plugin is supported for 1.8 only, I am working on multi-version support as we speak **WARNING**
    Logo (3).png
    Oh, so I see that my title has you interested in what this plugin offers! Well here SHOULD be where I tell you what the plugin is about but instead, I'm just going to ramble on until you skip this part and look at the part below that actually tells you what this plugin is about.
    Logo (6).png
    This plugin originally started as a plugin for a server that I work for/own, but I've decided to post it here for cheap! I plan to update this plugin a lot so even though as of right now the plugin doesn't have much to offer it will in the future! :D I recommend buying it now as I may raise the price in the future as I add more things ;)
    Logo (4).png
    Crafting Recipes.png
    Logo (7).png
    Logo (8).png
    Logo (9).png
    Green = Completed
    Red = Coming Soon
    - Commands To Spawn In Guns/Ammo
    - More Guns
    - Possible Permissions Per Gun?

    - Give me ideas below or pm me! :D
    Logo (10).png
    Remember by buying this plugin one time you will have permanent access to all updates in the future and won't have to pay anything if I decide to change the price! :D So therefore if you buy it now you won't have to pay anything else for the newest features in the future!