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ChestCommands Kits, Help, Suicide, Block /pl, /bukkit:help *FREE* 1.0

A chestcommands config for your prison server.

  1. Banned
    Hello, I am MineWoodTurtle. As I have had no wifi for the past 2 hours I decided to do some configs. One of them is this chest commands one.

    /kit This will open the kit GUI. This has 4 kits.
    /kits This will open the kit GUI. This has 4 kits.

    This config blocks these commands /pl, /bukkit:help, /minecraft:me

    /help This will open the help GUI. On open, it will show a list of commands from essentials, auto sell, plots.

    /die This will open a die GUI. If you click the white wool it will kill you.

    Help: ​

    Plugin: ​

    Kits: ​

    Needed plugins:
    Auto Sell (Optional, if you don't have it edit the auto sell in the help GUI)
    PlotSquard (Optional, if you don't have it edit the plots in the help GUI)
    A permission plugin.

    For the kits to work you need to create these kits, Starter, Myth, Magical, Overlord.

    If you need help feel free to pm me.

    Kind regards