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♚ Practice Setup ♚ 1.0

Practice Setup, well done ready to go on purchase.

  1. Mortmaurice
    Hello everyone, this is my PracticePvP Setup which has taken me a little over 3 weeks to make. And I’ve made sure to add as many details and features I could think of.

    The Price: The Price for this setup is 5 Dollar, i believe this price is more then reasonable. I decided to sell a copy for 5 dollar because the more people can enjoy my setup. And i am trying to become more known on MC-Market. [​IMG]

    » 25 Arenas

    » 20 Classes / GameModes
    » FFA (2 Maps)
    » Spectator Mode
    » Playback matches
    » Duel a BOT! (Easy, Normal, Hard and Hacker)
    » Parties. Parties VS Parties
    » Custom Kits. Create your own kits ingame!
    » Custom Scoreboard
    » Custom TabList
    » Particles
    As shown above this setup contains 18 different kits for
    unranked and ranked + a premade custom kit.
    For your players to create their own kits easier.

    This link will redirect you to imgur, where you can see the pictures of the maps that are in the setup. I know you can add it inside the thread, but i don't know how.

    Global TabList
    Lobby ScoreBoard
    Duel Scoreboard
    This video will be added ASAP.
    During the fact that it is usually hard to find all the
    information about a server. I have added useful commands
    such as /discord and such.

    StrikePractice (Click on the name to redirect)

    Citizens (This is a free plugin but if you wanna use the 1.12.2 version you need to add the latest version of citizens yourself)
    ProtocolSupport (This is a free plugin but if you wanna use it you need to download the latest version yourself. This is used for the 1.8 - 1.12.2 compatibility)

    Note: For these plugins the config files etc are added.


    Refunds and Chargebacks will be reported to MC-Market.
    Sharing this setup is not allowed.
    You are not allowed to re-sell this setup.

    To-Do list:
    Add more languages.
    - Dutch
    - French