Terms and rules

Global Rules

Posting content that encourages or promotes the violation of the TOS is not permitted.

  • 1.1 (10 warning points)

Each user is allowed one personal and business account. Creating extra accounts beyond that is against the rules.

  • Creating extra accounts to fake reputation, higher ratings, boost threads, or in any way raise the success of the main account.
  • Ban evading by creating new accounts.
  • 1.2 (5 WP + alts banned)

Do not slander or disparage other members or their threads.

  • Posts that contain no informative or constructive content, and is irrelevant to the thread’s topic of discussion.
  • Criticism should only be expressed through the website’s reputation system.
  • 1.3 (3 WP)

Disrespect or harassment of other users is prohibited.

  • Trolling, harassing, or provoking other users for personal vendetta.
  • Continuously sending content unappreciated content after the member requests it to stop.
  • This includes staff members.
  • 1.4 (5 WP)

Do not impersonate a user, person, company, or group.

  • Misrepresenting yourself as another entity.
  • 1.5 (10 WP)

Posting any content that is misleading is prohibited.

  • Clickbait or phishing scams
  • 1.6 (5 WP)

Posting any content that is inappropriate is prohibited

  • Sexually explicit or pronagraphic content.
  • Images that are flashy and can induce epileptic seizures.
  • 1.7 (15 WP)

Do not sell or share third party content that you do not own or have the rights to.

  • Includes but not restricted to: plugins, maps, artwork, etc.
  • 1.8 (Perm Ban)

Do not use a VPN on this website.

  • Involves ban evading.
  • 1.9 (Perm Ban)

 Sharing any personal information of users is strictly prohibited

  • Doxing, hacking or DDosing
  • 1.9 (20 WP)

You must be at least 13 years of age to use this site (COPPA)

  • 1.10 (Perm Ban until of age)

Do not by any means impair or threaten to impair our user’s ability to navigate or use this site.

  • 1.11 (25 WP)

All users are liable to being punished by the rules.

  • Negligence to not reading the rules.
  • 1.12

Scamming and Scam Reports

Do not scam any users on this website.

  • Any deals made whilst connecting on MCMart must be followed through without stealing any object of value from members.
  • 2.1 (Perm Ban)

Only post scam reports that contain valid evidence supporting either party.

  • If you have documents that could potentially dox a user, PM it to the scam resolver after making the report.
  • 2.2

Do not make fake scam reports.

  • Using fraudulent, manipulated, or edited evidence.
  • False claims about stolen value.
  • Using a fake scam report to attack a user from personal vendetta.
  • Posting unreal scam reports for comedic reasons.
  • 2.3 (15 WP)

You may not make scam reports for another user, company or party.

  • You must be the victim of the scamming.
  • 2.4 (3 WP)

Shoutbox Rules

Advertisement of threads can only be posted every 15 minutes.

  • Do not spam links in the chat.
  • Do not put multiple links in one ad message.
  • 3.1 (1 WP)

Do not spam in the chat.

  • 3.2 (1 WP)

Do not use any racial, sexist, sexual, or homophobic slurs in the chat.

  • The only general, common swear words are permitted.
  • See the list of permitted swear words here: https://goo.gl/iCvHDP
  • 3.3 (3 WP)

All global rules apply in the shoutbox.

  • 3.4

Reputation System

Do not give reputation that is misleading or untrue about a user.

  • Lying about scandalous events or behaviour.
  • Reputation only based on subjective personality attributes.
  • Anything that is irrelevant to the process of the deal taking place.
  • 4.1 (5 WP)

Do not make attempts at boosting your reputation inauthentically.

  • 4.2 (10 WP)

Selling good reputation posts to other users is prohibited.  

  • 4.3 (5 WP)

Giveaways and Competitions

Only post contests and giveaways in the appropriate thread section.

  • 5.1 (1 WP)

Do not mislead or fail on any promises you give during the giveaway.

  • Giving away a reward you do not intend to fulfill.
  • Giving away value that you don’t own the rights to.
  • 5.2 (15 WP)

Do not post without specifying important information.

  • End date of the giveaway or competition.
  • Announcing the winners at the end of the event.
  • 5.3 (5 WP)