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New Profile Posts

  1. MichaelPhymn
  2. MichaelPhymn
  3. Kram
    Kram RainStudios
    I'll possibly be testing this project. It's made by a 10/10 group of potatoes (I was told to say something so there you go Novial)
    1. Novial likes this.
    2. Novial
      xd thx
      Mar 21, 2018 at 11:53 PM
  4. RainDropInMC
    RainDropInMC RainStudios
    A pretty good Game Development Studio! (Especially since I am the CEO/Studio Manager of it. xD)
    1. Novial likes this.
  5. Jdsgames
    Jdsgames RainStudios
    Hmm, Nice little project you got going on.
    Some others might be interested in it.
    1. Novial likes this.
    2. Novial
      Thanksss! I hope you'll stick around for the official release! :D
      Mar 21, 2018 at 11:35 PM
  6. Jdsgames
    Jdsgames RainStudios
    Nifty 404's
    1. Novial likes this.
  7. RainStudios
    RainStudios Kram
    Hello Kram, any tips on how I can link my account with Novial (Don't ask why I'm being so professional)
    1. Kram
      Look on linked accounts and link this account to the Novial account,
      Mar 21, 2018 at 10:26 PM
    2. Novial
      ok thx
      Mar 21, 2018 at 10:26 PM
  8. Novial
  9. Serae
    Serae Music
    Vouch for Music
  10. Serae
    Serae Jdsgames
    What is your discord? Music Xbox we all need to talk to you.
  11. hermi katty
  12. Novial
    this place is dead
    1. View previous comments...
    2. Novial
      my profile is dead :<
      Mar 11, 2018
    3. Kram
      Well I replied so it's not as dead. Talk to others and maybe it won't be dead at all ;)
      Mar 12, 2018
    4. Novial
      Mar 13, 2018
  13. TopDamage
  14. Modyyy
    True friends are those who find you in the darkness and lead you back to the light.
  15. Novial
    Novial Banned
    You were MineWoodTurtle? You've changed.
    1. Banned
      Yes, that is correct. Have I changed in a good way or bad haha?
      Mar 11, 2018
    2. Novial
      good way
      Mar 11, 2018
    3. Banned
      Ah okay good i think
      Mar 11, 2018
  16. LagClear
    LagClear ServerCode
    Is that you logan?
  17. Kram
    Kram Ally
    There aren't enough memes on this profile. We need to memeify it.
    1. Ally likes this.
    2. Ally
      agreed !
      Mar 8, 2018
  18. Melrung
    Melrung MCMart
    Hey how do I sell my minecraft account I don't need it anymore and I have heard that I can sell my minecraft account here. Sooooo...
    somebody a idea?!?
  19. Melrung
    Hey I'm melrung I hope you enjoy my channel!! Have a nice day you all!!
  20. Arshi